Meet our Dining Services Interns,
Marcus Phillips and Maria Poliski. 

“I like getting experience and seeing what I would like to do for a job.”  – Marcus

“I enjoy getting to know the residents.  I’ve had a lot of fun interactions.”  – Maria 

The Moravian Manor Communities’ Work Immersion Program with the IU13 has been going strong since it began in August 2022. After a brief period of education about workplace expectations, led by the IU13 Instructor Kate Weiler and Job Trainers Nathaniel Wright and Jeff Kuhn, the interns were placed in internships around the MMC campus. The departments include Activities, Housekeeping, Grounds, Laundry, and Dining Services.  The Interns moved into their second internship rotation in mid-January. Department managers have appreciated the energy and enthusiasm of the interns. According to Dining Services Area Manager Bill Zimnoch, “Working with the team from the IU13 has been extremely appreciated, both at the Owl’s Nest Restaurant and on the Founders Campus. They have been a tremendous help when we are short-staffed during our lunch shift.” 

Accommodations Director Patti Shelley shares her experience with the interns, “Over the past several months, the Housekeeping and Laundry departments have had the pleasure of working with the IU13 interns. At the onset of their training, it was evident that most interns were very nervous. They appeared shy, quiet, asked few questions, and had little experience with domestic and environmental cleaning. It’s been amazing to see the transformation in them since they started. They have bonded with their Housekeeping and Laundry mentors, learned the importance of environmental cleaning, and for some, have developed relationships with MMC residents. For the department mentors, the experience has been positive, eye-opening and heartfelt. They will miss the companionship and help that Emily, Ariel, Marcos, Dylan, Evan and Jordyn have given them.”

The Interns will continue with their internships until the end of May, at which time they will have successfully completed the program, and will be prepared for employment. 

IU13 Instructor Kate Weiler commented, “We are thrilled to be here at Moravian Manor Communities, and watching the growth of the interns has been amazing! The MMC mentors have been a good fit and so helpful to the interns, who are loving the program, and it’s great to see their growth and independence.”