For more than four decades, Patti Shelley has walked the halls of Moravian Manor Communities with a keen attention to detail, making sure everything was in tip-top condition. While her role has changed over her 46 years of service, her dedication to MMC has been unwavering.

One of six children, Patti grew up a Lititz girl in a tight-knit family. She attended Warwick High School and was involved in various activities such as cheerleading. Perhaps that’s why she is so team oriented! Soon after graduation, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and found her way to Moravian Manor Communities.  

Patti’s mother worked as a second shift RN at the time, and that’s what motivated Patti to seek employment here. Hired as a Housekeeping Aide in June 1976, Patti quickly learned the ins and outs of environmental services and proved herself to be a hardworking employee with a positive, can-do attitude. By January 1977, she was promoted to Housekeeping Assistant Supervisor. 

As a new mother in 1982, Patti reduced her hours to part-time to care for her son Ben. Five years later in 1987, she welcomed her second child, Lucy, and in June that year, assumed the full-time position of Housekeeping and Laundry Director.

Patti’s 46-year career, the longest in MMC history, encompassed many roles and titles including Director of Accommodations, the current title from which she is retiring. She has truly made MMC a better place for residents and team members. In typical Patti fashion, she delayed her retirement date in 2023 so she could help organize a major flooring replacement job in the Herrnhut Community. Over the years, Patti has proven herself to be the master of organizing the team to systematically move groups of residents with as little disruption as possible. Under Patti’s direction, over 20 residents (and their possessions) were moved in less than half a day. The entire move went like clockwork.  

“I have worked for and with Patti for 35 years. Patti has always been a huge inspiration to me. She’s been very thoughtful, loyal, and helpful in so many ways throughout the years. Patti will most definitely be missed by residents, family members, and staff. Best wishes to Patti as she enters this new chapter in her life!”

~Kelly Clugston

It would be impossible to give an account of every memorable and impactful moment of Patti’s work journey. Honestly, it’s not the high standards that she held us to, her “get-err-done attitude,” or even her performance in countless Christmas pageants and the historic MMC Follies (a program put on by staff for the resident’s enjoyment) for which she will be most remembered upon her retirement on June 1, 2023.  More likely, it will be her big heart, caring attitude, and humility. She established strong bonds with residents and earned the respect of numerous staff and co-workers. 

“It’s been a pleasure working with Patti through the years. She has always been there when the Laundry Department needed a helping hand. She always reminded us to work as a team, to have fun rather than have a stressful day. Patti will be missed. I wish her an enjoyable and happy retirement”

~Lena Gengana

There is a well-known quote that says, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” Patti Shelley embodies that quote, always putting the needs of others before her own, and never asking anyone to do something she wouldn’t do herself. 

Thank you Patti, for sharing your time and talent with MMC for over 46 years! You will be missed more than you know.   

“Patti is a great lady. She will go above and beyond for her employees. She has compassion, but is firm to make sure the building is cared for to the best of our ability.”

~Tina Snyder & Idella Finefrock

Patti’s 46 Years of Service

1976 Housekeeping Aide

1977 Housekeeping Assistant Supervisor

1987 Housekeeping and Laundry Director 

1994 Assistant Director Housekeeping and Laundry Services 

1996 Housekeeping Supervisor

2004 Accommodations Director 

“Patti was always willing to help others when they needed it. She has done a great job over the years at MMC. I’m going to miss working with her.”

~Bonnie Supplee

Patti’s Employment History

Patti was hired as a Housekeeping Aide on 6/22/1976. This was right after Patti graduated Warwick High School. At the time, Patti’s mother was working as a second shift RN at the Manor, and that’s what motivated Patti to apply for a position in Housekeeping or Dining Services. Patti’s family lived in Sutter Village on West Sixth Street, so the Manor was right down the street from her home. 

Patti went on to become the Housekeeping Assistant Supervisor in January 1977. When Patti had her son Ben in 1982 she went part-time. In June 1987, Patti became the full-time Housekeeping and Laundry Director. This is the same year Patti welcomed her daughter Lucy. In January 1994 Patti became the Assistant Director Housekeeping and Laundry Services. Another title change occurred in February of 1996 when Patti became Housekeeping Supervisor. Patti’s final title change occurred in April 2004. This is when Patti earned her current title of Accommodations Director.  

Patti’s 46 year career at Moravian Manor Communities will end with her retirement on June 1, 2023.