Thanks to the generosity of our faithful donors and strong financial management,
we have a long and cherished promise of providing benevolent care to seniors who need our help.

Engaging Community – The 2021 Un-Event

Sidelined for only one more year, Joe Theismann will engage our community (God willing) in 2022. Instead of our annual in-person Engaging Community event, this year we’re driving toward the endzone, in support of our Benevolent Care Fund, with a different type of “play.”

For this year’s Engaging Community, you’re invited to join us for our understated, but understandable Un-Event. There will be no save the date card, calendar reminders, or freshly pressed jacket or dress needed. In fact, there will be no program at all, with no need to reschedule your evening to attend. It will be the best event you won’t show up to!

While this event may not be real, there is a real need for residents who receive support from Moravian Manor Communities’ Benevolent Care Fund. When you purchase your Un-Event ticket, you help these residents.

MMC’s Benevolent Care Fund …
Our Special Promise to Residents

When seniors become residents at Moravian Manor Communities, we make them a very special promise…they will never be asked to leave for financial reasons. It’s because of our Benevolent Care Fund, and your generosity that, each day, seniors who need our help will continue to receive the exceptional care they deserve in a community they love and call home. For family members, this assurance of security provides profound peace of mind.

On an average day at Moravian Manor Communities, there are 50 seniors in all levels of care whose resources will fall just short of the cost of the services that they receive. Last year, our community provided over $3.7 million in benevolent care, which partially was funded through the Benevolent Care Fund. 

We hope you’ll “join” us with your purchase of an Un-Event ticket! Our goal to steadily increase the fund is a constant priority, especially as we continue to assist more individuals, and the cost of health care continues to soar. We are so very thankful for your support!

50 seniors helped daily

$3.8 million in care provided

“Our family was so grateful for the help my mother received from Moravian Manor Communities Benevolent Care Fund. It was because of the fund that she was able to stay in the home she loved.”

~ Family Member of former Moravian Manor Communities resident