Photo: SageBrush, a six-member acoustic group from MMC, performing traditional and familiar African American spirituals and protest songs from the civil rights movement in honor of Black History Month.

Whether through theatrical or musical expression, residents of Moravian Manor Communities (MMC) are rediscovering their inner artist through the Exploring the Performing Arts program (EPA) with a mission to have FUN, to LEARN, and to INSPIRE.

Mark Hirschman, resident and active member of the EPA program said, “We believe that the arts are one of the keys to aging with dignity, grace, and humor. The EPA program is built upon a quote by Shania Twain that ‘Art is a platform where self-expression should not be limited.’ I’m here to inspire. There is no age limit to that.”

This group of spirited residents is currently collaborating on several projects with the local community. Most recently is the intergenerational partnership with Linden Hall School for Girls through which several of their students and a local home-school student have joined playing with MMC’s SAGE (Senior Arts Group Ensemble) Orchestra. This orchestra is conducted by community volunteers, including a former Manheim School District music director. Other musical groups within Moravian Manor Communities include the Muggers (Ukulele), SageBrush (acoustic sextet), and a developing chorus.

Moravian Manor Communities drama group, Fireside Theatre, engages in play reading and live shows. They recently conducted two performances of a play written by a MMC resident. Other members of the Fireside Theatre meet to discuss movies, write and discuss poetry, and write their own life stories for the benefit of their families. A “Coffee House” is planned for this coming year and will feature an eclectic mix of music, poetry, and story-telling.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned performer, retiree or student or somewhere in between, MMC’s Exploring the Performing Arts group is looking for new members and collaborating community partners of all levels. For more information, please contact Jennifer Shutt by emailing