Let us know if you have a particular talent or skill that you would like to share to with others. It could be crating, sewing, musical or artistic abilities, gardening, photography, writing, conversation, baking, decorating (seasonal) or maybe you just enjoy reading aloud. “Think outside the box.”

You are only limited by your imagination! Someone else needs what you’ve got! Contact us to discuss your ideas:

Opportunities in Founders Campus Care Areas:

  • Deliver mail to care areas
  • Help with Bingo (Tuesday afternoon)
  • Transport for Beauty Shop & Vespers
  • Sort & fill greeting cards trees
  • Compassionate care visits – one-on-one visits
  • Sewing walker bags or fidget blankets (see Kerry for details)
  • Plant care in the building
  • Flower arranging or decorating

Opportunities in Residential Living:

  • Community Life Committee participation – ask for details
  • Performing Arts Group (theater arts and music)
  • Planning events specific to men/women
  • Library (inventory, book carts)
  • No Resident Dies Alone visits (training by Chaplain)
  • Set-up for various one-time events (as they occur)

Volunteer requirements:

  • All new volunteers will be asked to complete a short application.
  • A background check is required at MMC’s expense.
  • Founders Campus is accepting applications for volunteers that are fully vaccinated (must show proof of vaccination for health care, personal care and assisted living*

*Our volunteer program requirements are based on CDC & Dept of Health guidelines