Gardening helps resident Jerry Shank to stay grounded. “I’ve always done at least some vegetable gardening.  Now that I’ve moved to MMC, I’ve reduced the size of my garden significantly. My parents introduced me to gardening. Although growing up, weeding was seen as a chore; not something I enjoyed. But it is a necessary part of the process and ultimately how I learned to grow things. I still see gardening as somewhat of a mystery…putting an inert seed into the ground can produce a living plant.  Then add to this mystery what grows helps nourish (my) life.  Gardening helps me to stake my interest in staying connected to nature. I prefer the vegetable gardening, while my wife prefers flower gardening.  I’ve tried to plant interest in gardening in to our two children. They don’t do as much vegetable gardening as I do, but they do what they can with the space they have and time to commit to it.”   

“We chose Moravian Manor Communities for its close connection to and identity with the town of Lititz,” Jerry explained. “We find this setting so inviting and comfortable as we move through our retirement years. Knowing that we would have a couple of our existing friends as neighbors also helped in this decision. Being part of an entirely new section (of the community) was also an asset. We knew that all of us would be new to this setting and we looked forward to meeting a new set of friends.” 

Finding the perfect place with opportunities to grow and enrich your lifestyle is easy to do at Moravian Manor Communities (MMC). With the area’s widest array of residence styles and two campuses mere steps to downtown Lititz, we’re cultivating a community rich with possibilities. Here, you’ll not only discover room to grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually, but also actually grow whatever you want…native flowers, herbs, veggies, and more! Meet one of the neighbors who discovered the art of finding room to grow, and connecting with nature and each other at Moravian Manor Communities.