It’s a beautiful day to meet one of the neighbors at Moravian Manor Communities!

Margaret Thorn, one of MMC’s resident artists, is a native of Berks County. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Penn State University, where she majored in printmaking with a specialty in etchings. Upon moving to New Orleans with her husband, she continued her education at Tulane University, earning a Master of Fine Arts in printmaking. Here, she taught adult classes in printmaking and watercolor, and also worked in the French Quarter as a freelance watercolor artist. Moving to Houston, she studied at the University of St. Thomas, achieving a Master of Education degree in Elementary Education and Art Education. She taught elementary school for 22 years in Houston and then Lititz, and retired from teaching in 2010.

She now works full-time as an artist and from April to November, you can find Margaret at many outdoor art shows around the mid-Atlantic region, including Frederick (MD), Manayunk, Mount Gretna, and the Bethesda ROW Outdoor Art Shows. She also shows her work at @LititzFramingFineArts and exhibits at @RedRavenArtCompany in Lancaster and Accent Gallery in Ocean City (NJ).

Margaret specializes in watercolor realism. She changes her subjects often, as she turns to different events that pass through her life … local scenes, unique moments of life, and memorable adventures. Her art studio is simply her dining room table where she starts with a realistic drawing, and then slowly builds up layers of paint, creating a rich, three-dimensional, realistic likeness of each subject. Many of her paintings appear to be abstracts until you are drawn closer to discover the details.

Some of Margaret’s recent works are paintings depicting the streets of our Warwick Woodlands campus: Barn Owl Road, Lark Lane, Osprey Street, Grouse Avenue, Red Fox Lane, and Goshawk Road.

To see more of Margaret’s work, visit, check her out on Instagram at @maggiethorn48.