Anyone who knows Darlene Kellenberger knows there are two things she is particularly passionate about: 1) making amazing cards and crafts and 2) reaching out to those around her. It only takes a brief encounter with Darlene to realize that the two go hand in hand; they always have and always will.

Currently a resident in Health Center North, Darlene is best known for the beautiful cards she creates for staff, residents, and their families. Never one to let the grass grow under her feet, Darlene planned and now facilitates a regular craft program for her friends and fellow residents in the Health Center. Her program includes making special occasion and seasonal cards for residents to send to their loved ones. As one resident recently stated, “my new favorite activity is making cards with Darlene. I love the things she’s teaching us.”

Darlene has been teaching and serving in various capacities her entire life. Growing up in Lancaster City, she loved going to Crystal Park joining in the “kids’ camps” run by Lancaster Recreation Commission.

Her favorite part of the day was making crafts. By age 14, she was volunteering at Camp Sunshine, a camp specially designed for children with special needs.

Soon after volunteering, she joined the staff and eventually served as Director for many years.

Darlene earned her Master’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education from Millersville University. Working for the School District of Lancaster, Darlene put her degree to good use and served in a variety of positions throughout the district for 31 years.

It is no surprise that Darlene’s “happy place” is found when teaching and helping others find joy in being creative. “Crafts are what keep me going,” she says. When anyone in the Health Center is having a bad day, could use some special cheer, or is celebrating a birthday or anniversary, Darlene is always there to spread a little joy and happiness through her many gifts and talents.