Our Stories – Residents

Insights of Aging in Place vs. Moving to a Life Plan Community

Bill and Carol shared their thoughts regarding aging in place versus a move. “We built our home when we were in our 40s to accommodate us as we aged, with all first floor living space and three-foot wide doorways and hallways. We thought we were set to stay there for the rest of our lives. Our planning process began when we were in our late 60s (we are now in our early 70s) when we became aware that our previous plan of “aging in place” was not as suitable for us as we had thought.”

When asked, “what prompted you to investigate Life Plan Communities?” they answered that they recognized that as they aged, although currently healthy and active, they could not expect to keep up with the large house and three-acre wooded property in the country. “Although we love our place, we knew being in a remote area with no immediate neighbors was not going to serve us well going forward.”

“We also recognized that neither of us wanted the remaining spouse left alone to deal with disposing of over 30 years of accumulated ‘things’ as well as dealing with the upkeep of our property. The thought of being a single person facing the decision of how to live out our life alone was not what either of us wanted.”

Through Carol’s business, she worked with many aging clients who had moved into a variety of residential care communities. This experience gave her the opportunity to observe the culture of the community and witness how residents might move from a cottage or apartment through the other levels of care. With this insight, we decided we wanted a community that offered a variety of levels of care, but one which promoted a culture of staying in our home as long as possible if we were able to afford approved in-home care.

“After researching and visiting various communities in Berks County, it became clear to us that a Life Plan community was the direction we should follow. After attending an open house on the Warwick Woodlands Campus at Moravian Manor Communities, we did not need to visit any others. During that open house, we had opportunities to have conversations with several resident couples. We found them to be warm and friendly, and it seemed that we had a commonality of thought between us. We had similar outlooks on life, aging but with a spirited outlook. Bill and I believe that many aging baby boomers are like minded and are not ready to give into the aging process either physically or socially. They are looking to stay engaged and active.

In looking for a community, Bill and Carol were first impressed with the physical appearance of MMC’s Warwick Woodlands Campus. “It is a charming residential community with no two houses looking like the neighboring house. It looks like small-town USA with streets and landscaping to match.”

They noted, “Moravian Manor Communities has an active social program that offers a wide variety of interactive activities and clubs. We are also interested in becoming involved in the community of Lititz. Lititz seems to be a great place to do just that. It is charming, a great place to live, shop and dine, and is near several nice golf courses. It also has the Lititz recCenter, which is second to none.”

As long as good fortune and health permits, Bill and Carol want to stay actively involved in MMC and their community activities. “We look forward to new friendship as well as keeping in touch with our present friends and enjoying the new freedoms that living in a serviced community allows.”

~ Bill & Carol