Infection Prevention

Everyday Infection Control Procedures

Infection prevention has always been a priority at Moravian Manor Communities (MMC). It’s not just a program we started in response to COVID-19.

Health, Safety, and Prevention Strategies are part of everyday life for both residents and team members alike.  We strive to proactively care for residents, improving outcomes where and whenever possible. MMC, when compared to peer groups* within the state, has consistently performed in the top 5% of the entire state in all measured categories of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s), including: Respiratory, Urinary Tract, Skin and Soft Tissue, Gastrointestinal, and Bloodstream infections, further demonstrating superior quality resident care.  (*Peer group = similar sized facilities & demographics within state of PA) 

Partners & Resources Agencies

We have and continue to partner with many professional resource agencies including our in-house Medical Director/ Geriatrician, Physician partners through LGH Penn Medicine-Infectious Disease Group, LGH Penn Medicine Antibiotic Stewardship Committee, PA Dept. of Health Epidemiology, Public Health Offices, CDC, and PA Patient Safety Authority … promoting prevention practices in order to reduce incidences of some of the most common infections found in nursing home residents.

Our Infection Control Committee

Our dynamic infection prevention program is founded and overseen by the Infection Control Committee:

  • Hannah Yoder, BSN, RN, and full-time Infection Preventionist  
  • Dr. Leon Kraybill, our Medical Director/ Geriatrician
  • Lori Mateyak, Director of Nursing
  • Direct care staff members
  • Phoebe Pharmacy representatives
  • LGH Penn Medicine Laboratories representatives.

Together, this group works to uphold infection prevention standards, while striving to assure quality care and performance improvement initiatives for the best possible care.

Vaccination Program

Additionally, MMC has a robust vaccination program for both residents and team members; requiring COVID vaccination and annual influenza vaccination for all team members and further promoting health and wellness for all who live and work here.

Additional COVID-19 Measures & Protocols

The health and well-being of all in our care at MMC is our top priority. To maintain a safe environment and protect our residents and staff during COVID-19, we rigorously follow all infection control protocols stipulated by the PA Department of Health and U.S. Centers for Disease Control, as well as other local health authorities. We also have implemented the following steps.

Screening & Testing

  • Screening for anyone entering the Founders and Warwick Woodlands Campus
  • Point of Care testing for residents and staff when outbreak and/or exposure to COVID-19 occurs 


  • Strategic placement of residents in private or semi-private rooms with separate bathroom facilities to decrease the spread
  • Color-coded system for care areas to indicate the status of cases, symptoms, or quarantining
  • Any residential living residents exposed or testing positive self-quarantine for 10 days in their homes
  • Any employees testing positive self-quarantine per guidance from PA Department of Health under direction of MMC’s Infection Preventionist 

Mask & PPE Protocol

  • Masks required for everyone on campus and additional personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by all who enter resident rooms
  • Creation of donning / doffing stations (putting on and taking off PPE) for red zone areas

New Cleaning Measures

  • Scientific Air Management – Developed exclusively for health care settings, the Scientific Air 400 eliminates 99.995% of airborne pathogens
  • HEPA filtration units, used in resident rooms positive for COVID or with symptoms, to minimize air-borne transmission and create negative pressure
  • Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer – Advanced disinfection technology where surfaces are disinfected with electrically charged particles for uniform, complete coverage
  • Daily 2x disinfection of all high-touch surfaces throughout the facility by our highly trained Environmental Services staff
  • Sanitizing stations at surveillance kiosks/ entry areas and throughout the skilled nursing areas to promote safety and reduce transmission potential
  • Post-quarantine sanitation via Metzger machine  

A more comprehensive account of the COVID-19 measures we’ve implemented throughout the pandemic is available in our CEO’s COVID-Updates.

Recognition for Outstanding COVID Prevention Work

PA Dept. of Health Epidemiology for Low Positivity Rate

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, MMC was recognized by the PA Dept. of Health Epidemiology partners for outstanding work in minimizing the spread of this highly contagious novel virus, among those who are the most vulnerable – elders in nursing centers. Within Lancaster County, PA, we maintained one of the lowest positivity/infection rates.

PA Dept. of Health Partnership/Serology Study

Early in the pandemic, we partnered together to share ideas about our pandemic journey. We also shared what MMC was doing to stand apart from our peers in meeting the demands of this unprecedented public health crisis. Our performance afforded us the unique opportunity to again work directly with the PA Dept. of Health analyzing data and partnering in a serology study with both residents and our team to detect antibodies specific to the virus that causes COVID-19.  This ongoing relationship affords us continued partnership with the Epidemiology office for an additional serology study in the Spring 2021.