Eggs-tra Eggs-tra…read all about it! Residents of Moravian Manor Communities (MMC) participated in the first Annual Egg Drop contest on the Warwick Woodlands campus Thursday, April 8th. Participants were encouraged to divide up into groups and get to work. Participating teams included:

  • JM and the Peeps
  • Bunch of Malarkeys
  • Egg-cellence
  • Eggstrordinaires
  • Moravian Avenue Marvels
  • Over Easy
  • The Flying Freggericks
  • J-PED
  • Humpty Dumpty’s Revenge

Very specific guidelines were issued in terms of materials that could be used, and participants could not provide their own egg. A fully inspected and approved raw egg was provided to each team who then had 30 minutes to “scramble” together an egg protecting contraption. At eggs-actly 4:00 pm, the participants and spectators converged on the Woods apartment building. There was a competitive spirit in the air as with some people holding signs in support of their favorite teams. 

Finally, the moment arrived…event MC and Director of Community Services, Jennifer Shutt, announced each team and asked them to introduce themselves and describe the egg dropping apparatus that they had masterfully created. Some teams even prepared a team chant! Yes, the “steaks” were high (seriously, what goes better with eggs?), as the winning team would receive a private cocktail party on the Tree Top Terrace. 

One by one, Jennifer dropped each creation as onlookers held their breath in anticipation of the outcome. Upon the last egg drop and inspected outcome, Jennifer declared, “everyone is a winner…a cocktail party for all!” 

Congratulations, and many thanks to our teams who entered the competition with an egg-venturous attitude. No yolking around…everyone had an eggs-cellent time!