A space for remembrance, prayer, contemplation, or meditation…welcome to the Tranquility Garden on the Warwick Woodlands Campus.

On Friday, June 10, MMC residents and staff gathered together for the dedication of the new Tranquility Garden. A brief ceremony included comments from David Swartley, President/CEO and Chaplain Timothy Naisby, who shared an ancient Aramaic translation that suggests the true root of tranquility is a “return to rest after wandering.”

Through their generous contribution, MMC residents Ed and Lucy Meinsler hope the Tranquility Garden “will become a special place where residents can both reflect on the passing of a partner or neighbor, and also provide a tranquil and peaceful area for personal thought.”

Located at the corner of Lark Lane and Barn Owl Road on the Warwick Woodlands Campus, the garden overlooks the peaceful, neighboring farmland. A “Labyrinth” sculpture, created by resident artist Milt Machalek, serves as an important centerpiece for the garden. During the ceremony, Milt explained that his “inspiration for the vertical finger labyrinth came from having visited Newgrange, the 5,200-year-old passage tomb in Ireland, where an unusual triple spiral is cut into the entrance stone and also on a wall inside; reinforcing the purpose of the space for prayer, contemplation, or meditation. It was only fitting that the ceremony concluded with the playing of Amazing Grace on the bagpipes by Tom Machalek, Milt’s son. 

Included in the Tranquility Garden is a sitting area with a “wall of remembrance” that was added to create a special place for residents to add the name of a friend or loved one who was a residential living resident at MMC. 

A remembrance nameplate can be purchased for a donation of $250. The donation will be put toward the Benevolent Care Fund. Contact the MMC Development office for more information at 717-625-6104 or development@moravianmanor.org.