TO: Residents and Staff 
FROM: David Swartley, President/CEO 
DATE: April 3, 2020 
RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update #6 

Happy April! I am writing once again to bring everyone up-to-date on the most recent developments regarding COVID-19. This past week, as expected, the COVID-19 cases in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, have climbed significantly. Also, there are more and more retirement communities with a positive test for COVID-19. At the time of this writing, Moravian Manor Communities does not have any identified cases at this time. We tested some residents and staff for COVID-19; thus, far, all results have been negative. While we rejoice the reality of today, I realize that our news could change by the time you receive this memo! 

In the spirit of continuously planning, our COVID-19 team continues to meet regularly and fine-tune our plans. My update today will be relatively brief. Below I outline some of the significant updates. 

• We implemented Residential Living residents receiving a daily call as part of a “check-in” system this week. Thanks to all of you who are assisting with this critical effort. 

• All staff is wearing masks when they are in the building (unless they are alone in an office). 

• We have also moved our Information Technology Services (IT) to emergency-based services for our residents. We do not want any more staff/resident contact than necessary. 

• We have taped “six-foot” markers in the café. During lunchtime hours, there was inadequate social distancing while waiting in line to pick up food. No dining is permitted in the café. 

• We are “spreading out” our employees in the break room to one per table. We have added tables in the Zinzendorf Room for additional seating for our employee breaks and lunches. 

• We will reopen Health Center South (currently unoccupied) for any Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, or Personal Care resident who would test positive for COVID-19. The Pennsylvania Department of Health is encouraging residents who test positive to be isolated to one area if possible. We have the unintended good fortune of having that area vacant at present and plan to use this to our advantage! If a resident in Residential Living tested positive for COVID-19, they would self-isolate in their home unless more medical care is warranted. 

I hope you can live the balance between being cautious while enjoying life. Most people tend to focus on negative statistics. Keep in mind that ninety percent of COVID-19 tests come back as negative. Most who test positive recover thoroughly! 

Dealing with Coronavirus is a stressful time. This week I read online an individual saying, “in normal times I am a guy who would talk to my house plants. Now I am playing board games with them!” 

I was reading a devotional this week written by a not-for-profit leader during the Great Recession (in 2008). Remember, we thought that would never end either, and it did! The author of the devotional quoted Psalm 89: 1-2. 

“I will sing of your steadfast love, O Lord, forever; 
With my mouth, I proclaim your faithfulness to all generations. 
I declare your steadfast love is established forever, 
Your faithfulness is as firm as the heavens.” 

Regardless of your beliefs, I hope you can hold on to the word “steadfast” in these verses. God is steadfast and will see us through these times. 

Thank you for your support and endurance during this difficult time. Remember to keep walking and moving if you can do so. I have also attached a short tip sheet from Hospice and Community Care on how to deal with stress. While it is intended for caregivers, it applies to all of us. 

Each time you hear from me, we are one week closer to the end of this! Stay strong!