TO: Residents and Staff 
FROM: David Swartley, President/CEO 
DATE: April 24, 2020 
RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update #9 

Welcome to update #9.

There is not a lot of new guidance this week for the majority of our residents.

Internally, we continue to have staff devoting time to securing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The shortages reported in the daily news cycle are accurate; thus far, we have had adequate supply but are planning for the weeks ahead.

There are a couple of points that I will reiterate from yesterday’s Resident Association “ZOOM” meeting. When walking outside, you do not need to wear a MASK; however, please take one with you. Frequently, you may encounter other folks and start a conversation. Stop the spread; put on your mask during these times AND continue to practice social distancing. If you find the mask uncomfortable (as I do), think about our caregivers who are wearing them for full days, non-stop. For me, it puts it into perspective.

I reported earlier this week that we had no COVID-19 positives in residents or staff at Moravian Manor Communities. While that remains the case, we are continuing to plan for our care areas with the assumption that will not be the case forever.

Our community has been touched by two COVID-19 deaths in recent days. In March, a skilled nursing resident was transferred for treatment at a specialty hospital. Testing for COVID-19 last week, before the resident was returned to us, yielded a positive COVID-19 result. Tragically, the resident passed away at the hospital. We also learned this week that the mother of an employee has succumbed to COVID-19. The mother lived outside of the area, and our employee has not had recent contact.

While in both cases the disease did not originate in (or enter) Moravian Manor Communities, the emotional toll is real. In both situations, I ask that you keep their families and our staff in your thoughts and prayers.

I want to express my appreciation, once again, for the spirit that you all bring to Moravian Manor Communities. Our Resident Association, “May Day” fund is off to a solid start. At the same time, many of you participated in decorating your windows in support of our caregivers. Also, this week, many of you stepped outside and “made a joyful noise” in the recognition of our staff.

I assure you that these actions are appreciated more than you will ever know. As stated in the paragraphs above, the virus is real, and our staff is working hard caring for residents with this at the forefront.

Our infection control team is incredible. Our COVID-19 team processes the daily guidance from the Center for Disease Control and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The team is working tirelessly to protect our residents and our staff. The work is exhausting as the guidance changes frequently as we learn more about the Coronavirus.

At the request of several residents, I have attached the chart that I used in the video production earlier this week. To the best of my knowledge, North Dakota State University produced this document. To be candid, I find myself fluctuating daily from the “Fear Zone” to the “Growth Zone.” Hopefully, this is an excellent reminder to all of us what to focus on daily. Your actions this week lead me to believe that many of you are very well implanted in the Growth Zone!

Thank you for your support of our team. You all continue to make Moravian Manor Communities thrive, even in difficult times!