From: David Swartley, President/CEO 
Date: November 13, 2020 
RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #29

I am writing to give you an update regarding the COVID-19 virus. The fall surge is upon us. It is time for all of us to take renewed precautions. I share some of our most recent testing data below:

  • Universal testing from this past week resulted in 100% negative tests for both our employees and residents. We celebrate this news!
  • The Founders Campus residents who tested positive for COVID-19 are feeling well, and their quarantine period will be up in a couple of days.
  • An additional resident on the Founders Campus tested positive for COVID-19. The resident is currently quarantined at home and feeling fine.
  • Outside of our universal testing, two employees had community exposure and are self-quarantined at home. Neither has had serious symptoms.
  • Several other employees are presently not permitted at work due to possible community exposure.
  • Lancaster County is above the five percent positivity rate. This high rate means that we will need to continue universal testing every week.

While our current situation at Moravian Manor Communities is excellent, the community spread rate is multiplying. Lancaster General had sixty-four COVID-19 patients as of yesterday. Twelve of these patients were on ventilators. These statistics should get everyone’s attention.

Our COVID-19 Task Force met this morning and discussed visitation and residential living activities. Following is a summary of the decisions made this morning.

  • The woodshop will reopen for two residents at a time. They must be wearing masks while in the woodshop.
  • The Smartfit Studio will reopen for two residents at a time. Please disinfect after using the equipment.
  • The residential living beauty shop will reopen. This temporary location serves one resident at a time. We also decided that this shop will remain open in the coming months unless a resident using the beauty shop or a beautician tests positive.
  • Some small groups, such as Bible Study and Life Writing, may use the Fireside Lounge. Masks are required.
  • The Owl’s Nest has begun to screen any guests eating at the restaurant (questionnaire and temperature check).
  • Garden Court Dining will continue to be available only to our Garden Court Apartment Residents. Please make use of our take out service.
  • Maintenance work orders will remain “essential only” for the next two weeks. Housekeeping services will also remain discontinued during that time.
  • PLEASE PUT ON A MASK if the staff is coming to work in your residence. We have instructed our team members not to enter your home if you are not wearing a mask.

Our task force is very concerned about the community spread and the holidays. Again, I encourage you to plan your events very carefully. Think through what the days will look like for you? Make any changes you can to assist in stopping the spread. These decisions are difficult. Yesterday, Pennsylvania and Lancaster County reached an all-time daily high of positive cases at 5,531. Lancaster County had 247 positive cases. We need to be alert.

It is your simple actions that will keep both you and your loved ones safe. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and social distance. Social distancing will be increasingly difficult with the arrival of the holidays and cold weather. Thank you for doing your part to keep Moravian Manor Communities a safe place to live and work.

I also encourage you to continue to get out and walk. Yes, it is a little cooler, but you should be OK with a jacket and hat (watch for wet leaves on the sidewalks). I recently saw a quote that read, “Living through a pandemic is like being sixteen again. Gas is cheap, and I am grounded.” There is some truth in that statement! Stay well, keep each other in your prayers, and make wise decisions.

For those of you seeking additional information, continuous updates are available at the following websites: