Since my last update, there have been no residents, and no employees tested positive for COVID-19. 

Today’s update will reiterate some information shared during our ZOOM meeting today with our residents. 

Mark Hirschman, President of the Resident’s Association, reminded all of us that with entering the “Yellow Phase,” we still need to be careful. He told us not to forget the basics. Frequent handwashing with soap and water for twenty seconds. When in the presence of others, please wear a mask. Practice social distancing. His reminder is timely. As we move through this pandemic, we are likely to get careless. Our excellent results have come from all of us working as a community; together. As our Medical Director recently reminded me, “just because we moved into another phase, does not mean the virus has changed!” 

This week is the first week of initiating mandatory testing of our employees and residents in our care areas. Up to this point, our testing has been voluntary. We are completing twenty percent of the employees and residents each week. We will continue this weekly testing until further notice. 

The COVID-19 Task Force discussion this week focused on contact tracing. Soon, we will distribute forms for those who wish to participate. The tracing involves documenting all interactions with other people. These forms are for you to keep. If someone ultimately tests positive, this is helpful information in determining where the exposure was initiated. If there is a situation where a staff member or resident tests positive for COVID-19, those affected will be required to complete contact tracing.